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Thread: Old Working Boats Of Liverpool

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    Default Old Working Boats Of Liverpool

    I am interested in the old working boats and families that lived aboard them back in the good old days, any photos or infomation would be great.


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    Dont know if you know of this >>>>>

    They hold a lot of pics and history of the old canal boat days.

    Good luck on your mission.

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    Thank you sir,,

    I have a lot of info on Saturn, in the port.

    Again thanks.

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    Hi, John have you read, Liverpool Waif by any chance. I found it to been a very interesting true story of a young mans life on the canal barges ,the book also shows some pictures of interest. The book is written by Bob Houghton, first published in 1992-by Print Origination (NW) LTD. Formby Business Park. Formby Liverpool L37 8EG. ISBN 0 903348 33 0

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    Found a very interesting site about the canals, and of the barges and the people. Hope you enjoy.

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