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Thread: ALL TOGETHER NOW? Working Life and Culture in Liverpool

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    Default ALL TOGETHER NOW? Working Life and Culture in Liverpool

    ALL TOGETHER NOW? Working Life and Culture in Liverpool

    The NW TUC is holding a free event on Saturday 24th January at the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre on Greenland Street, Liverpool, starting at 10 and finishing at around 5.

    To start the day we will have keynote speakers: Brendan Barber, General Secretary of the TUC, Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Phil Redmond. We will be showing the film "Grow Your Own", showcasing 3 local bands (The Trestles, Claire Mooney and Alun Parry) and the rest of the day will consist of ?Conversations? on the following subjects:

    Working in the Arts
    How do unions support artists and people working in the culture sector to ensure they get paid the ?rate for the job?? How do we move away from the idea that artists just work for the love of it?
    More and more people, especially in the arts world, are becoming agency, freelance and ?portfolio? workers ? what challenges does this post to trade union organising?
    Chair: Vinny Lawrenson-Woods, Culturepool
    • Dr Jennifer Johns ? University of Liverpool
    • Kelly Wood, Musicians Union
    • David Jacques, artist
    • Sam Meech ? freelance designer

    Getting unions back in the story
    There used to be a time when the trade union story played a part in fiction ? remember Bobby Grant in ?Brookside?? But now the unions are written out and only seem to feature in tales of ?glorious defeats?. How can trade unions get back into the script and into the media and what should the storyline be?
    Chair: Stephanie Power, journalist
    • Frank Cottrell-Boyce, screenwriter/playwright
    • Tony Woodley, Joint General Secretary, Unite
    • Phil Redmond, Creative Director, Liverpool Culture Company
    • Andy Edwards, Liverpool Echo
    • Frank Hont, Regional Secretary of Unison

    Whatever happened to the Protest Song?Has the protest song disappeared? What use are they to political campaigning organisations anyway? Do they ever make a difference?
    Chair: Peter Hooton, The Farm
    • Ian Prowse - Amsterdam
    • Alun Parry, The Alun Parry Band
    • Alan O?Hare ? The Trestles
    • Martin O?Shea

    Whose capital, whose culture? Who was Capital of Culture year for? What kind of culture was promoted during 08? Were local artists involved/consulted? Or were we all simply spectators?
    Chair: Luan Lawrenson Woods, Culturepool
    • Kate Rodenhurst, Impacts08
    • Phil Thornton, Spider Project
    • John Fillis, Capitalists of Culture
    • Andrew Sherlock, AS Productions

    Art for Everyone?
    Who got involved in 08? Who did the events impact on? Has 08 made art accessible to a greater number of people or a wider section of the community? Who didn?t it affect? How do you encourage more people to get involved in the arts/culture?
    Chair: Vinny Lawrenson-Woods, Culturepool
    • Kevin Fearon, Royal Court Theatre
    • Ruth Gould, DadaFest
    • Steve Higginson, writer
    • Liverpool Phil
    • Claire Duffy, National Museums Liverpool

    Work/Politics and Social Life Where do people go for their politics nowadays? If fewer people are joining political parties and trade unions are struggling to maintain membership levels, does this mean people aren?t interested in politics? What do people consider political activism now?
    Chair: Kevin McManus, Director, ACME
    • Phil Hayes, The Picket
    • Sam Armstrong, Spirit of Shankly
    • Bill Berry, Unison

    For details/guest list places please email
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    Now there you have it.
    Some people are standing up and being counted.
    So we shall see how many turn up to make that day worth while.

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    Default Creativity

    I hope the event is successful and leads on to more class conscious creativity. I would like to see art forms that are removed from mediums like television.
    Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
    Time held me green and dying
    Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

    Dylan Thomas

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    See also the article on here...

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    All together now.. So what did you think of 2008?
    Jan 21 2009
    by Paddy Shennan, Liverpool Echo

    ECHO chief feature writer Paddy Shennan explains why some of the city?s best-known figures are joining together for a special day looking at Liverpool?s working life and culture here...

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