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Thread: Information on Toxteth?

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    Default Information on Toxteth?


    Hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently researching a story for university (I'm a third year journalism student at

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    John Moores) on Toxtheth 25 years.

    I am wondering if any of you out there would be kind enough to give me your opinions on how you think it has/has

    not changed since the riots with regards to housing, employment and the community, also do you think that in Liverpool winning the Capital of Culture has

    this had any effect on the area for good or bad?

    Any comments or opinions would be gratefully accepted.

    Many thanks,


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    Give's Paul Christian a shout. There is nothing he doesn't know about Tocky

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    I don't know, there are some pretty

    rundown areas of Toxteth even today, with scars of the riots clearly visible. Just take a look down Lodge Lane... How far does the COC stuff spread? I mean,

    there's plenty of stuff going on in the town centre, but I've seen little change in Toxteth over the last 5 years.

    Still, having said that, there's

    all that 'New Kensington' stuff, but that's going off the point and only bound to dig up other arguments!!

    But as Dave says, is a good

    resource, so that would be a good start.

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    Cheers for the quick reply.

    I will check out now.


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    Toxteth is a very large area covering Liverpool 8, parts of 7, 15, 17 and 18. I think you mean Liverpool 8. They planted trees not much else. Some housing development has been done and a big project to re-do the Welsh Streets too, although this is now not then.

    The top class developments on the docks may spread up into Toxteth and some are. The high class private flats on the corner of Park Place and Hill Street indicates this. The area will change and many of the poorer people may be priced out as developments move in.

    Getting the Dingle underground rail Station back into use would re-generate that area, attracting developers - a few minutes into the centre and beyond. The station is still there underground complete with platforms. All it needs is renovating and a gantry bridge from the Dingle Tunnel to drop to the Merseyrail network line beneath at the Herculaneum Dock. A cheap price to lift an area up by its bootstraps. They could in time extend the tunnel further inland from Dingle adding one or two stations - as was the original intention.
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