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    I am looking for any information on the Clamp family who had a suitcase making company in the late 1800,s Faring Clamp was one of the individuals. Does anyone if i can obtain school records from this era.

    Thanks Shaylor.

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    There is an e-mail address associated with the Clamp name here...

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    There was no point in my joining this site, even as a free member, but others might find it useful...

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    Hiya Shaylor....I think you will find his name was FERRING Clamp ...
    Richard Clamp married Catherine Jones at St Augustine Liverpool on 17th July 1849
    Catherines father is Evan Jones - a hat maker
    Richard is a Full Port H/maker (presume hat) his father is Ferring Clamp a Boot maker...(looks like he worked with leather and progressed to suitcases later on )...anyway...I1ll see if I can dig up anything on Ferring Clamp....for the record Every other Clamp on lan-opc is in Burnley.....allan

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    on freebmd he is Farring Clamp and dies june qtr 1883 aged 84 born about 1799

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