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    Hey hey. Some of you may have heard about this book I'm working on with 5 other photographers called 0151 366 2008. Its been in the papers and on some wesbites. Basically 6 photographers are taking photos every day of the year throughout 2008 to fully capture the whole Capital of Culture year. We've been hard at work for over 4 months now documenting events all over Liverpool as you can see on our website, We need your help though. We need to know about anything happening in Liverpool, and well Merseyside. Liverpool, Southport, St Helens, Knowsley, and the Wirral are all places we must cover in our book. Its a big area for 6 people to cover and we don't always hear about every event in time. We need your help so that come 2009 when the book is published it shows off Liverpool in the best way possible. It shows that the culture year wasn't just events at the Tate and gigs at the arena. We need to show that the communities outside of the L1 postcode all took part. Its not just about events though. Maybe you know of some old building, something thats been the cornerstone of your community (not just the pub ). Perhaps theres a local hero too like the guy with the guitar in town. Its all the little things really.

    So if you hear of anything send me a PM, leave a note in this thread, send us an email via the site ( I'd really appreciate if people could post ideas in this thread of places that we should definitely cover. Lark Lane, Bold St, West Kirby, Parkgate ice cream store, etc.

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