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Thread: fancy a giant Guinness?

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    Default fancy a giant Guinness?

    when I first moved to Bootle these gas storage tanks had just been painted and looked like giant pints of Guinness...lovely.

    they are not so rich looking now, but I still find gas storage tanks fascinating structures. we live half a mile away from them, but can see them when they are full.

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    Seeing those Bootle gas works brings back childhood memories for me.

    When I was little my mum & dad would take us to Blundlesands, Crosby beach. Having no car in those days we would travel on the 68 bus from Anfield over to Bootle, were we would change to a red Ribble bus on Stanley rd. The 68 bus would pass these monsters - the gas works - and as a small child ( I was 4 or 5) I would find them so imposing and frightening. I would stare up at them in horror - fascination .. they looked enormous to a small kid and I can clearly remember looking in awe at the jet black sides which would glint in the sun .. and the smell from them !!

    I suppose people living nearby would think nothing of them, but they always scared me like huge looming monsters.

    Even now, I wouldn't like to live where I could see one. I wouldn't like my windows looking out onto gasworks. My childhood memories of the Bootle gasworks must have stuck in the back of my mind somehwere


    that photo (3rd one down) of the street and the gasworks looming at the bottom .. I'd hate that !!

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