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Thread: Trains at Birkenhead Docks

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    Default Trains at Birkenhead Docks

    No trains now serve Birkenhead Docks. It is a recommendation to get them back in the docks. As only West Float will be commercial, there is no need to take trains any further - tarisn can get in via Bidston.

    From around Cammel Laird there is a disused tunnel that took trains under Birkenhead to Edgerton Dock, however this will be apart of Wirral Waters. I doubt if the tunnel can ever usefully be used again.

    When was the last train at Birkenhead docks? Anyone know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterways View Post
    No trains now serve Birkenhead Docks. It is a recommendation to ... last train at Birkenhead docks? Anyone know?
    The proposal
    is to reconnect the Birkenhead Docks to the rail network, no more details than that.

    This could either be from Rock Ferry via the Haymarket tunnel you described or near Birkenhead North Station. What makes sense is to connect at both ends because the line is short and doing so opens lots of options.

    For one thing the line becomes a diversion route allowing freight trains to reach Deeside by either Wrexham OR Bidston if a line should become blocked.

    But it also opens the possibility to use the line not just for freight but also for tram-trains to serve the existing and proposed shopping at Bidston Moss. Moreover it may be possible to connect the historic trams to the Docks line at Canning St. Or even use a small part of the historic tramway to provide rail access to across Egerton Bridge to Twelve Quays. If the line is to be electrified at all it should get tram-compatible overhead wires because of the ungated level crossings.

    In our dreams we can imagine that if tram-trains are successful they can be extended all the way around and serve the Wallasey side of the docks right along to Four Bridges partly using the old MDHB and CLC "Dock Road" trackbed on the North side of the Great Float. Beyond would be nice too - to Seacombe and along the Prom (dream on )

    Another possibility is to provide a rail station with long platforms to accommodate long-distance trains coming via Chester or Wrexham (WSMR).

    Moreover, the scheme can one day provide freight access to the Red Noses area if major developments go ahead there or offshore at the Burbo Bank and its revetments.

    There has also been talk over the years of making it a Heritage Railway and stabling preserved locos.

    As far as I know the last passenger train to travel the Birkenhead docks was an enthusiasts' special in 1985.
    Birkenhead Bandit special at Duke St., February 1985
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