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Thread: Ever seen anything strange?

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    Default Ever seen anything strange?

    Now, we've got lots of posts for ghosts and UFO's so I'm not going down that road, but have any of you ever seen something which you know you are seeing in broad daylight but made you feel slightly odd?

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    Two things which have happened to me, one which was yesterday, one which was years ago. One made me feel so happy, the other scared the crap out of me.

    Years ago I was in Calderstones Park, a normal place for me to go on the bike on a weekend when it was nice and sunny. The main area of the park is always busy and welcoming but perhaps the other side which borders Menlove Avenue I've always found less 'busy' and never seems to get as warm (physically) as the other park on a sunny day - anyway, there is an exit to Menlove Avenue and I was in the park looking that way when I noticed a couple following the path and walking out towards the exit. Although they were very much real looking, they appeared to have slightly 'older style' clothes - something that you would see from the last century. They weren't flamboyant just too dressed up for the park if you see what I mean. I immediatelly got this real sense of calm looking at them and wished that I could have taken a black and white picture of them as it really would have looked like a last century picture. Being a tad younger, I never followed them but I got an amazing sense of 'all is OK with the world' and cycled home.

    The other one was yesterday. I get my hair cut in Wavertree and generally hop on the bus from Childwall as it's easier to get off without having to cram a large Volvo down a side road to park. As the bus travelled up Childwall Road, the stop before Somerfield on the left, the bus passed this old woman - she was dressed totally in black, black shoes, skirt, coat and had a black hat on, but as we passed at slow speed, her expression really scared me. She was utterly motionless in her expression - it was just a fixed scowl - and she was focusing on something as if she was looking through the bus but she looked slightly 2D in her appearence and just looking at her made me feel really unnerved. I'm sure everyone on the bus passed a glance at her - i,e it wasn't just me, but her expression was just the wrong 'look' for where she was standing as if she had been placed there.

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    I'm going to have to accompany you Cad, I never see anything like this, it's like i'm trying too hard or just have no ESP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ged View Post
    I'm going to have to accompany you Cad, I never see anything like this, it's like i'm trying too hard or just have no ESP.
    That's the thing Ged, I'm always up for a haunted location and expect to see something - but you never do. Try too hard to 'see' something like a ghost and you'll never probably see owt.

    Both times that I saw something strange I was just minding my own business and not even slightly thinking of strange things. The old woman just plain scared me and after a second or so I looked away from her - as if you were looking at something that wasn't right at all. Not like me as I'd normally be off the bus and prodding her to make sure she was real!
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    Could it be the "other end" of the Bold Street "time slip"? people from the 1950s coming into the modern world, instead of people from the modern world going back to the 1950s?

    Ooooooh, spooky...
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    Default Ghostly Brother and Sister by Lydiate Green

    Thats spooky, Cad. I live in a small cul de sac in Lydiate by the old Village Green, and myself and our elderly neighbour are the last houses, at the closed end. There is only one way in and you cant possible get out by going through our gardens as we have high walls and fences. My neighbour recently told me that for 20 years he had regularly seen an elderly woman standing outside his house or apparently walking down the side of his house (which leads to a wall). He never told me for fear he would frighten me. She apparently just appears, sometimes immediately outside of his window and appears to be trying to get in. Sometimes she just stands and stares from the road. She is sometime quite solid and he describes her in detail which a floppy hat and on old cardigan. Sometimes she appears more of a shadow. She is elderly and frail and is always hurrying as if afraid, clutching her cardigan in her hand as if she is frightened herself.. My neighbour is a very private man andhas never discussed this with anyone but I was recently in the house of another neighbour who lives at the opening of the cul de sac and asked him if he had every seen an elderly lady. He has never spoken to my neighbour but immediately described the woman and told me he thought she was a relative of mine, as she passed so frequently. It was a source of amusement between him and is wife that when she walked past their window, she never came back the other way. They assumed she was staying with me. They also added that an elderly man always followed her, but quite a way behind. They did not understand why they never walked together. My neighbour had never seen the man who apparently never arrived at his house with the lady. We started checking with the other 12 houses in the cul de sac and neither of these people belong to anyone else. We asked a very elderly long time resident around the corner who told us that our houses are built on the site of an old farm which had a number of slum cottages which were pulled down in the 30s. All the residents went to live on the nearby newly built council estate but this lady, known as old Annie,lived with her Brother and was basically heartbroken to leave. For years after, until she died, which was well before we moved in, she used to wander around The area of her old home, but often alone as her Brother died long before her. We have got the old OS maps out and there, as plain as day, are the cottages. Whilst mine and my neighbours houses are not on the site of the cottages, we are basically on the location of the bottom of their garden, where their gates were. I have never seen them and dont want to. Now I know why my cats sometimes go crackers at night....................I swear on my Sons life this is true. Does anyone know about this? Their cottages stood on what is now called Pilling Lane, off Lydiate Green, opposite the Weld Blundell Pub

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