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Thread: Any 1930's Photo's

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    Default Any 1930's Photo's

    Looking for Tinton Street/Fountains Road, these are where my mum and dad lived in the mid 1930's.
    Also looking for Gt. Homer Street around that time, mum worked in a shop that sold Reeces Cakes but can't remember the real name of the shop, Dad worked in a Barbers shop on Westminster Road.

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    Hope someone can help you with this. I am not local to Kirkdale but worked there for years. If you get stuck contact Kirkdale Neighbourhood Centre on Stanley Road (between Orwell Road and Fountains Road) Its open during workdays as well and used as an educational centre. It used by a lot of people of all ages and many of them locals from years back. I seem to recall a good picture exhibition of old Kirkdale there some time ago. Good luck.

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    A few pics of the area:

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    Thanks guys!
    I see they have a history group, might drag my brother in law along there one day when he's off work.
    Did find one pic on the kirkdaleonline site that shows Fountains road from Westminster up to Walton Rd, you can just about see the backs of the houses on Tintern St. My mum moved in with my dad in his parents house on Fountains Rd before they were married. It may sound a bit taboo to move into her boyfriends in the 1930's, let me explain...

    When my mother was about 6yo her parents died from illness within a few days of each other, this left 6 children to be brought up by their Grandmother, however by the end of the month the baby who was i think only a few months old also died, the grandmother brought the other 5 children up on her own for the next few years in Huxley St, Fairfield, but she was a pensioner and her sister offered to help so they all moved to her house on Tintern St, Kirkdale. I think from here the family split up to be looked after by various relatives and friends, this was why my mum then about 17yo moved in with my dad and his parents.
    I could waffle on with this until the present day, but back to those pics....
    Also on the kirkdaleonline site are a few pics of Medlock St and Garnett Ave where my mum lived in later years, my wifes family are also from the area so the pictures are of interest to all sides of our family.
    Still looking for 1930's onwards, especially gt.homer st shops!

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