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Thread: Tesco Old Swan

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    Default Tesco Old Swan

    TESCO’s multi-million pound plan to expand a city store has received a critical response from locals.

    The supermarket giant unveiled its proposals for Old Swan, which would create 170 full and part-time jobs, to customers last week.

    But the scheme, which comes less than six years after the store opened, has already caused controversy.

    Some residents fear it could kill off smaller businesses in Prescot Road and bring extra traffic into what is already a congested area.

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    Tesco’s plans include:

    Expanding the supermarket by a third, including a new first floor

    Creating a shopping parade around the corner of St Oswald Street and Prescot Road

    Building a top deck onto the car park, increasing the number of spaces from 450 to 580

    The firm has held talks with residents of neighbouring Booth Street about buying their terraced homes – although it claims these were instigated by the residents themselves.

    Concerned residents include Steve Gilligan, 51, who fears his home of 25 years in neighbouring Batley Street may be in jeopardy.

    The train conductor said: “I share all the views about congestion but my main concern is my house.

    “Residents successfully fought to stop Tesco knocking down a wall at the end of the street to give them better access for their loading bays.

    “They have already made their move on Booth Street and I fear Batley Street might be next.”

    Old Swan councillor Berni Turner said: “We have a thriving shopping centre, so we do not need this. It could destroy independent businesses and the character of the area.”

    A Tesco spokesman said: “We want to tell people about our plans so we can hear what they have to say and incorporate those views before we submit a planning application.”
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    No good will come of this.

    The day they let the tenaments come down and the supermarket in was the start of the end for Old Swan.

    Read this site for some shocking info on these places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolchak View Post
    No good will come of this.

    The day they let the tenaments come down and the supermarket in was the start of the end for Old Swan.

    Read this site for some shocking info on these places.

    Yup ! let's all go back to sack-cloth and ashes in St. Oswald's church. Let's build better tennies for people ?
    Get Real. !!!

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    Was this the Tesco that was built bigger than they'd had planning permission for, so they were told not to use the extra space?

    Having said that, I can't wait for Tesco to open in Park Road.
    Somerfield's prices are so much more expensive, and the service is awful.

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    I wish we had a Tescos in Anfield. I don't like Somerfield either.
    we have an Asda but I'm not an Asda fan. Tescos is better.

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