Demand for estate to be tidied up

Jan 18 2008 by Caroline Innes, Liverpool Daily Post

PEOPLE on Europe’s largest housing estate (isn't that 'private'?) say they have had enough of litter, glass and dog mess in the estate’s walkways ruining the area.

Croxteth councillor Rose Bailey said many had complained to her about the state of Croxteth Park Country Estate and have demanded something be done to improve the area.

Cllr Bailey added: “Residents are appalled at the state of the walkways alongside Emmaus school and the pathway into the park between Chaucer drive and Westfield drive.

“I have walked around the sites and I have to say the amount of litter and bags blowing in the trees looks awful.

“The broken glass in particular is dangerous for people walking children to school and dogs who suffer cut paws.

“The residents are now sick of waiting for the £370,000 dowry spend set aside for the estate and want proper cleaning.

“Liverpool City Council receives well over £4m per annum from our community and the complaints over litter and mess continue to come in,” said Cllr Bailey”