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Thread: Well dressed Males from a Black Car.....

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    Default Well dressed Males from a Black Car.....

    "...well dressed 2 men came with a black posh parents put me in a wardrobe, as usual...
    After the men gone, my parents looking pale and scared...but tell nothing...."

    I'm looking for the truth about my childhood and people around me...

    Why the parents hiding toddler in a wardrobe?
    Why the same toddler not allowed to see the doctors?
    Why the parents kick the toddler uncontiouse and throw him in a wardrobe?

    Any ideas?

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    Default Australian Tommy

    You were obviously guilty of something Tommy,those men sounded like policemen,you were'nt in charge of the rackets at kindergarten were you?
    Your parents had been afraid you might have blown their cover on the undercover deals they were operating,hence the beating and being thrown in the "slammer".
    Come on Tommy ,we need more info if we are to crack this case.


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    It wasn't a case though Brian, it was a wardrobe, look ^ he says so!

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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