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    Smile Peter Adamson

    Every actor strives to bring something special and personal to each role they play, and sometimes when they play a long-established character, the boundary between actor and character becomes blurred. Peter Adamson was one such actor.

    Starting in episode 16 of the ITV soap opera "Coronation Street", Peter Adamson played Len Fairclough, the Liverpudlian ex-Navy builder with a short temper, a pair of fists and a taste for beer - a character not unlike Peter Adamson

    Peter Adamson was born in Liverpool on 16 February 1930 and was educated at Gilmour School. He was the youngest of six children born to a tailor-shop owner and his wife. After the war he began acting at the Wavertree Community Centre whilst training as an engraver at Toxteth Technical School. Peter graduated as an engraver in 1948 but then enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Drama. Peter refused to take his drama studies seriously so after two months he left.

    Peter then worked as a film extra before working at Sale Theatre in Cheshire. Later that year, Peter joined the Frank H Fortescue Players at Bury as a stage manager. On 20 December 1953 he married Jean, and they produced two sons Michael and Greig.

    In 1956 Peter made his television debut as a comedy host of a record show before working on the Granada TV shows Skyport and Knight Errant. In December 1960 he joined the newly born soap Coronation Street as builder Len Fairclough. By the late 1960s he had a serious drink problem, although in February 1973 he managed to stop drinking, with the help of Alcoholic Anonymous.

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    Was'nt he the one who alledgedly interfered with 2 underaged girls?

    I do say alledgedly.

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    There was a scandal about him once, but I can't recall the outcome of it.
    Don't think he's been heard of since. I havn't seen him on telly or acting on stage anywhere. Wonder where he is these days ??

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    He died a few years ago. Thats were i read about his alledged assault. I'm too young to have seen him in Coronation Street, and i don't know what else he was on. But i imagine no one would of touched him with a barge pole after it came out that he touched up young underage girls.

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    Default Peter Adamson

    Peter died aged seventy-two after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. The court case in which he was accused of indecently assaulting two girls was in 1984. It lasted for four days and he was aquitted following the police evidence having massive discrepancies. Basicly, the police had "witnessed" an asault, but over an hour past before he was asked to leave the swimming pool, so if the assault had taken place, then why didn't the police officers get him out of the pool if he was a threat to the children? He had a legal debts of over sixty thousand which he couldn't pay, so he sold his story to Dan Slater, then a freelance journalist who sold it on to the Sun. He had previously been warned by his employer Granada TV against talking to the newspapers and was sacked as a result. Peter never received a penny from Dan Slater and the legal bills were never paid. He did have a successful run in the West End with Simon Ward and Haley Mills, but within a year of the case his wife passed away following an illness. He was a devoted husband to his disabled wife who had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis asince the age of fourteen. Following her death gave up on life and started drinking again.

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    Unfortunate events and a sad outcome for him.

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    Oh the press had a field day with Peter Adamson like they do in this country. And yes he was aquitted, I felt sorry for the guy for what he went through.

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    Cool Len Fairclough...

    Thanks Peter's friend,

    a touching account of a regular guy's life and times...

    he was playing a great character in Corrie and as we all know, Charcters get believed by the doting viewing public.

    I am a teacher and it is so hard for a man nowdays in education, my female aide has often taken both girls and boys home for the weekend to have some fun, ride horses etc...

    but imagine if I did it... I'd be the biggest **** in the world and would be on the six o'clock news...

    an example...

    I gave/lent a student (boy 15) of mine $2 as we were bowling and he didn't have any money to paly pool like the rest, and gave him an I O U on a piece of paper and signed it...

    the parent rang up the schol and said I was sending love letters to her son...

    It said I O U $2...**** *****

    she thought it said "I love U..." & the O looked like a heart..!!!

    see what we have to put up with...

    RIP Peter...

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    I never knew he was from Liverpool.

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