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Thread: Looking for the Hannah Family of Culme Rd Clubmoor

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    Red face Looking for the Hannah Family of Culme Rd Clubmoor

    Hi Everyone,
    I am trying to find family members or friends of the Hannah Family who lived in Culme Rd Clubmoor.
    Parents where Reginald & Edith Muriel Hannah and their children where
    Ronald,Edwin & Kenneth Hannah.
    Their father was a Post Office Engineer.Any piece of information on this family would greatly appreciated.
    I am not 100% sure but maybe Ronald married a Jean Hudson in 1956.I have their birth details and the parents Census records but thats about all.I would really like and try to conatact any of the family members or friends.
    Cheers& Kind Regards

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    Hi MOMO,
    Good with your quest, hopefully someone on Yo might be able to help, you could also try

    I have Hannah in my family but where from Fazakerley and Speke in Liverpool.

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    Red face Hannah Family

    Hi John,
    Thanks for replying,I dont know if Reginald Edwin Hannah had any daughters from his second marriage.
    From his first marriage he had only one daughter Eileen Mary Hannah 1921 who is my Mother.
    He was one of nine children.
    Registration district: West Derby
    Sub-registration district: Walton
    ED, institution, or vessel: 14
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household schedule number: 147
    Household Members: Name Age
    Bertie Hannah 12
    Edith J Hannah 24
    Frederick Hannah 9
    Gertrude Hannah 14
    Henrietta Hannah 18
    Jessie Hannah 16
    Mary Jane Hannah 48
    Reginald Hannah 5
    Thomas Hannah 20
    William Hannah 22
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    Hiya Momo.
    I have had a look through the births for you & spotted a Reginald E Hannah married Mary A Ryan in 1921 Birkenhead , if this is the man then ,
    There was a Thomas Hannah b Dec qu 1920 mothers maiden name Ryan .
    good luck
    karen x

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    Hi MoMo, I lived in Culme Rd from 1963 till 65 when I married. I spent most of this time with my future wife but will ask my siblings if they know anything about the Hannah's. I was also a Post Office Engineer at that time though I left in 66 and went to Plessey's. The name is not familiar to me but may be to my brothers or sister.
    Will let you know if I find out anything.

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    Hi Momo
    I knew of an Edwin (Eddie) Hannah and his brother Ken.
    Didn't know of a Ronald.
    Eddie worked most of his life at Tate & Lyle Sugar Refiners.
    He was a talented Flautist and I believe did 'session' playing with the Liverpool Philharmonic.
    I know he married late in life but, sadly, died about fifteen years ago.
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