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    Born in Birkenhead in 1902 and educated at Birkenhead School, Irvine was one of two men (the other was George Mallory) who died whilst attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1924, 29 years before Edmund Hilary achieved the feat. There remains doubt as to whether or not they made the summit, as Irvine's body has never been found whilst Mallory's was discovered in 1999. It is believed that Irvine was carrying a camera which if found may contain film with photogrpahs of the two men at the summit. A keen sportsman and adventurer, in the last year of his life Irvine rowed Oxford to victory in the Boat Race, explored Spitzbergen and then went on the Everest expedition.

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    Another Birkenhead climber was Al Rouse. Rouse also died scaling one of the world's highest mountains - K2 - in 1986. 13 died on K2 around the time. It is generally regarded that Rouse actually reached the summit. Rouse was also educated at Birkenhead School.
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