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Thread: Recollections of Old Liverpool

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    Default Recollections of Old Liverpool

    I have just been passed a book called Recollections of Old Liverpool by A Nonagenarian.

    It would appear to be an amazingly rare book written in 1836 and has an amazing amount of information on Liverpool City Centre, Joseph Williamson's Tunnels, prisons, gaols, the bridewell, local streets, basically a wealth of information!

    Here is an extract from the book describing what used to sit on the site of the Adelphi:

    After the feasting was over my father treated our friends to the White House and Ranelagh Tea Gardens, which stood at the top of Ranelagh-street. The site is now occupied by the Adelphi Hotel. The gardens extended a long way back. Warren-street is formed out of them. These gardens were very tastefully arranged in beds and borders, radiating from a centre in which was a Chinese temple, which served as an orchestra for a band to play in. Round the sides of the garden, in a thicket of lilacs and laburnums, the beauty of which, in early summer, was quite remarkable, were little alcoves or bowers wherein parties took tea or stronger drinks. About half-way up the garden, the place where the Warren-street steps are now, there used to be a large pond or tank wherein were fish of various sorts. These fish were so tame that they would come to the surface to be fed. This fish feeding was a very favourite amusement with those who frequented the garden. In the tank were some carp of immense size, and so fat they could hardly swim. Our servant-man used to take me to the Ranelagh Gardens every fine afternoon, as it was a favourite lounge.

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    The garden paling was carried up Copperas-hill (called after the Copperas Works, removed in 1770, after long litigation) across to Brownlow-hill, a white ropery extending behind the palings. To show how remarkably neighbourhoods alter by time and circumstance, I recollect it was said that Lord Molyneux, while hunting, once ran a hare down Copperas-hill. A young lady, Miss Harvey, who resided near the corner, went out to see what was the cause of the disturbance she heard, when observing the hare, she turned it back. Miss Harvey used to say “the gentlemen swore terribly” at her for spoiling their sport.

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    This book is available as an Ebook online if anyone is interested.
    Thanks for the reminder Cadfael I had forgotten about this one,
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    wow great find
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    And after all that typing too

    I urge everyone to read it, but especially chapter 9 and 10 on the Tunnels in Edge Hill!

    A cracking find on the net

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    Thanks, Shy.

    I did a search for the Tower, and it's very descriptive about the place.

    Guess what?
    It did have dungeons!

    I've saved it to disk, so I can read it on my ancient lap-top, in bed!

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