There is so much to see in this photograph and is one of about 20 I have acquired including ones to the immediate left and right of this scene, Islington, Camden st, Fraser Street, Clare St and St. Anne St.

The photo was taken in June 1958 from the scaffolding on the newly erected Polytchnic on Byrom Street. We can see Byrom Hall at the bottom of Gerard Street. The top end of the street was demolished long before in the early 30s to allow for the building of Gerard Gardens and the mid section was further razed to the ground for the Poly. The part of the roof next to it belongs to the Army and Navy Stores. Across the then narrower Byrom Street we can see Stanleys the jewellers and pawn brokers and the railway cutting with the lines still in situ.

Hodson street is the bridge that runs across the top linking the two parts of Fontenoy Gardens which were built in the mid 30s. These tennies housed Britain's first 'British Restaurant' During WWII. Old residential property can still be seen in the behind the tenements and these are on Lace st and Adlington st. On the wall of the railway cutting you will see an advertisement for the films showing on the futurist and the melly water fountain (by the pedestrian) which is still there today.

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