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    Hi All

    does anyone know of any churches( non Catholic ) within about 1 mile of St Gabrials church on Beaufort street. either churches standing now or old churches.

    also does anyone know if there was a swedish church anywhere in Toxteth or anything for the Swedish. clubs etc.

    many thanks.


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    There is a Swedish church near Toxteth, in L1 I think.

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    Beaufort Street (originally Bedford Street) had quite a large number of churches over the years.
    Do you mean just Beaufort Street, or a one mile radius of St Gabriels?
    How far back do you want to go? has quite a good list of churches:
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    The Swedish church mentioned by Snappel is on Park Lane just in front of Cornhill Tony. Very ornate it is too.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    St Malachy's just along from Gabbys, the old Domestic mission was at the far end. See Phils book? The old Sally Army, tin hut in Mill st, long gone, and the old Sailors Chapel by the Iron Bridge. The Swedish church is as Ged said, but Alma De Cuba formaly St Peters, was known as the Polish church.

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    St Cleopas

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