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    Default Modern Art for 2008

    SOME of the masterpieces of modern art are making their way to Liverpool this autumn as part of the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations.

    It has been revealed that Andy Warhol’s Marilyn diptych, Degas’s Little Dancer and Picasso’s Weeping Woman will all be shown in the city for the first time alongside Rodin’s Kiss.

    Sponsored by law firm DLA Piper, The Twentieth Century: How It Looked & How It Felt will run until spring, 2009.

    The first floor will be dedicated to the history of 20th Century figurative art, with one room dedicated to Andy Warhol, while the second floor will concentrate on more abstract work.

    On the ground floor, there will be a special focus on the work of British artists Bridget Riley and Stanley Spencer.

    However, it is the arrival of the Kiss which is exciting art lovers.

    The sculpture will have to be installed in the Tate in a delicate operation, which will involve taking windows out of the building and propping up the floor of the room in which it is to be housed.

    There will also be a major rehang of the collection.

    Simon Groome, head of exhibitions, said that the Capital of Culture bid had been the catalyst for bringing such internationally recognisable work to the Albert Dock.

    He said: “The Kiss is probably one of the most iconic, loved and recognised works, and to be bringing it to Liverpool is pretty fantastic. The lovers don’t get to travel that much any more, and have never been to Liverpool.

    “Just to get the work into the building will be an incredible feat of engineering and logistics.”

    He added: “The exhibition is very much part of our 2008 celebrations.

    “We started planning for this a couple of years ago, as soon as the news came through that we had won.

    “It is always our aim to put on the best world-class shows, and we had to get this one moving pretty quickly.

    “It is a fantastic time for the Tate. It has been a lot of hard work, things like this don’t just happen, but I think 2008 has really given us that spur and that ambition to bring exhibits of not just the best British art but the best world art to Liverpool, and as such, it really did make this all possible.”

    The Kiss is currently on display at Tate Modern.

    Among the works included in the displays will be masterpieces by Whistler, Matisse, Mondrian, Magritte, Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon, and others.

    Tracey Emin and Peter Blake are in conversation at the Tate tonight in a sold-out event to mark the start of their special Late at Tate nights which will run every last Thursday of the month.
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    I could swear we've had the little dancer before but that's being picky.

    Great news.

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