THE architect who designed the failed waterfront Fourth Grace Cloud project is making a comeback in the city with a building described as Liverpool's "third Cathedral".

Will Alsop last night revealed he was in talks with Lewis Biggs, chief executive of Liverpool Biennial, to take part in the 2008 Biennial festival.
Mr Alsop is refusing to give away too many details about his proposed art work but promises it will be "fantastic and very magical".

He said: "I'm determined to put a bit of magic into Liverpool, albeit on a much smaller scale."

In comparison to the Fourth Grace Cloud design, the so-called third cathedral is destined to be scaled at just 20 metres square and approximately 12 metres high.

It is not yet certain whether the structure will be a permanent one.
Mr Alsop said: "By definition we could do it in such a way that it could stay there, that's the nature of art installation."

He said a temporary structure he designed for Cardiff in 1987 is still standing because of its popularity with the public.

Mr Alsop and artist Bruce McClean, who was commissioned for the opening of the Liverpool Tate Gallery in 1987, originally approached the organisers of the award-winning biennial.

They said they wanted to produce a work for the city.

Mr Alsop added that the money Mr Biggs has access to and the money from sponsorship should be enough to build the structure, which he and his "business partner in crime and art", Bruce McClean have proposed.

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