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Thread: Pub in the Scotland Road area

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    Default Pub in the Scotland Road area


    I'm new to the forum and I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me with the name of a pub which we belive was demolished in the 60's to make way for new developmets in the area. I'm from the Wirral and don't know the area too well myself but my father lived there all his life until he moved to the Wirral in 1974.

    The pub was known locally as the '6 day pub' (but this was not it's official name) as it was closed on a Sunday. My father believes it was on either Kirkdale Road, Scotland Road, Stanley Road or Cazeneau Street. We want to know the pubs offical name as my fathers uncle Billy apparently carved the ornate bar area there and we hope to find some old pictures of the pub at Liverpool Records Office. Without it's official name however we cannot do this. Does anyone remember this particular pub? Can anyone help? We would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks
    Nickie x

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    If you have no joy on this forum then you might like to try the Scottie Press website.

    Good luck and welcome to Yo! Liverpool, Nickie.

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    What a lovely message and many thanks for making me feel welcome (it's what you good Liverpool people do best!!!). Oh and ta very much for your recommendation to the other forum. I'll post my message on there too.

    Nickie x

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    Hi Nickie

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    Hiya Nickie welcome to Yo Liverpool ,I hope you find the pub you're looking for
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    Hi Nickie welcome to you

    Ged and Gerard are from that area and may know it for you. i think we a a couple more members from that area too, so fingers crossed


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    What lovely people you are! I don't think I've joined a forum with such friendly people and hi to you all. I'm so glad I joined now although I doubt that I'll be of any help personally to anyone looking for info but good old daddy might be able to help me out. I'd love to know more about Liverpool anyway- I might only live over the water but I'm lost as soon as I get out of the tunnel and I think that's a dam shame at nearly 33 years old and considering my family lived there from 1863 onward (and some of them still do) I guess it's time I started learning more.

    Many thanks again to all you lovely firendly people

    Nickie x

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    Hello Nicki, I,m one of the not so friendly ones, grrrrrr.

    Only kidding, I,m sure there is someone that can help you. I,ve been helped no end on here by these lovely people

    Good luck on your quest :

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    Thanks Chippie (I'm getting hungry just looking at your user name )

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! It'd make me pa's day!!! (was that scouse enough) . Love the accent- ours is rather watered down and neither here nor there but if I speak to people who live any distance away they still call me a scouser. If they heard the real thing they'd know straight away I was a plastic version.

    Nickie x

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    so am I now Nicki, look where I live

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    Oh yeah so you are!!!

    My aunty used to live in Nantwich some years ago and I went there a few times when I was little. I was at Stapley Water Gardens a few weeks back too which I believe is also quite close to you- well at least I recall seeing signs for Nantwich anyways . I'm a typical woman and have no real sense of direction (I'll get shot for that), in fact I'm surprised I got there and back home without travelling via Nepaul or somewhere else on another continent.

    Nickie x

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    Nantwich is a lovely place Nicki, it,s like Wooton but with more hats and straw bags

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    Hello nickie and welcome to the group..right !!..lets eliminate one for a start.
    The only Pub on Cazneau St in that time period was the Denbigh Castle (Picture Below) or better known localy as Ginnie Melody's...My Mates Mam...
    Jean had this pub back in the mid 70's but it was never closed on a Sunday so thats that one crossed of the list..And its still standing but is now a Solicitors or something.
    Leave it with me and I'll see what I can come up with
    If that Pub was on Scottie Rd then I'll find it for yer and will more than likely have a piccie of it as well.

    The Denbigh Castle.

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    Hi Gerard

    Aw thanks so much for offering to help me.

    I wouldn't know personally but my dad says that the area has changed so dramatically that he just can't place where exactly the building stood and hence why we can't give an exact road name and just the general area of street names. I'm sure somebody must remember the name it was known by however-the 1960's wasn't that long ago and I think it remained a local watering hole until right up to its demolition.

    Thanks again Gerard, your efforts are very much appreciated.

    Nickie x

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    Oh no! I had a private message from someone named William Brown but my pop up blocker zapped it and I don't know how to access it again. Help!!!!

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