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    We went here. We were going back till Sam came along. Going to wait a few more years till we can take him.

    4 years...Its flown over.
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    Tony, I must admit I'd not been all through the site you've linked before.
    Absolutely fantastic job you've done on it.

    Just read the diary for

    "25 December - Christmas day. No shots being fired at all. An informal truce being held"

    The site is a very moving tribute, you've done your family very proud.

    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Cheers Mart.

    Just noticed on the Diary that I never put my Great Grandfathers name. It was his regiment. My Great Grandad John Owens was present at the Christmas truce. His regiment being right by where the football match was played.
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    I'll second what Mart said - very moving.

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