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    Thought I'd post this incase anyone is from the area or recognises anyone. (Plus got a new scanner today so like a kid in a sweetshop )
    Found this in with some of my nan's stuff and guessing she kept it as Billy Hough was her next door neighbour.

    Cant remember when nans street was all modernised- late 70s/early 80s?

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    Hi Lelly . My Dad is from Kirkdale , he lived in Fonthill rd , the house was a corner house at the top of the brew next to the buildings . I remember when LHT took over the houses and modernised them . Fonthill road was owned by Phillips and son , and my grandparents lived there for years . My aunt still lives there now . There is a picture of the house on Geds inacityliving site ...

    A friend of mine worked in LHT on Walton road

    To be honest , the house was never the same to me after it was modernised , it already had a good sized bathroom upstairs , i remember my nana's food press , and the rounded walls , and big old doors . It all changed with those awful board type doors and a different kitchen , the character was lost forever .

    My nana was known as Suranne Jones , her parlour was usd by the labour party for years , they'd hold meetings there , and do their election campaging ... The rest of my Dad's family lived in the buildings ..

    I also had an uncle called Frank Murphy he was from Ruskin street ..

    P.S. sorry ) My little girls Nana was also born in Kirkdale . Orwell road .. Her name was Vera Bennett , she has/had brothers and sisters called Alice , Lily , Ann , ....Tommy... Joey.... Mickey... Tony ... They all went to St Johns with my Dad , he is called Joey Jones .....

    My Dad told me that on the weekends , his mates Tommy Bennett and Georgie Mc Vey would all go to my nana's at Fonthill rd to have a bath and get ready , because it was the only house with a big bathroom indoors ...
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