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Thread: Grandad 67 years ago

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    Default Grandad 67 years ago

    25th January 1944. The day Nanna and my dad lost my grandad.

    He was killed in action in Italy after spending 3 years defending Malta from the constant air attacks.

    A good old ' Scottie Roader '

    67 years on Grandad and I still remember. Never to be forgotten.

    Remember them all, those who fought, died, worked and lived through the wars.

    Save their story before its gone.
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    Very brave, all of them Spike.
    Your site is a great tribute and growing all the time.

    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Thanks Mart.

    It is so important that we record their details.
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    Thanks for posting Spike. That is a brilliant site - and I've visited it quite a few times, very sad - but equally important. I have an older friend who has various stuff her dad sent her during the war and I told her about your "save the story before it's gone". She is now doing her dad's story in a proper book so that her grandchildren and future generations can read the story and see the stuff she has kept all these years.

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    Very fine, Spike! Important, as you note, to remember their contributions, not only because they were our family but for what they did for all of us.

    Christopher T. George
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