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Thread: Tom Slemen in Saturday Night's Echo

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    Default Tom Slemen in Saturday Night's Echo

    I need to stop gioing on about how slack Mr S is at his job and how most of the stuff he does in the Echo and the Merseymart is merely a cheap way of plugging his books.

    For example Tommy tells us all about the hordes of buried treasure in Liverpool in his usual detailed way.

    Here's a few examples from the article;

    "Many years ago an elderley man came to see me in Radio Merseyside and showed mean old gold coin and told me it was part of a fabulous treasure buried centuries ago not far from HMP Altcourse...... "

    he goes on (and on)

    "I never saw that old man again after he told me about the treasure: perhpas he is dead"

    You know what I cant even be biothered typing the rest out but it concerned the St.James Cemetary (tell me it's not the one with the pyramid in it), grave robbing, a woman called simply "Joan" who could not remove the "stolen" ring, was haunted by a woman in black and ended up in a lunatic asylum (think they allk closed in the 1970's), and he ends the article with a plug for the 14th (my god who keeps buying this dross) Haunted Liverpool.

    A surname Joan's would be good research, a date (presume the gold coin had a date, a monarch on it) perhaps the old man isnt dead.........

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    Whats wrong with plugging a book?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shapers View Post
    Whats wrong with plugging a book?
    Nowt. Just that a lot of his "facts", are unsubstantiated.
    I tried to track down a few things mentioned in his books, just came
    to a dead end.... Still a good story does sell books

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    Default except he's on 14

    nowt wrong with plugging a book but it's now getting to the stage were there should be a disclaimer "the names have been made up to protect reality", it's even spawned a whole raft of impersonators such as Old Dick.

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    I only skimmed through it as I cant stand the man, but didnt he say something about treasure buried under Netherfield Road. I can just imagine half of Everton there with pickaxes now.

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    One of the funniest commets sLemon made was that a gent in a Top Hat occasionally stalks Well Lane in Childwall and has done for many years.

    Seeing as Childwall House once stood on the exact spot where this guy is supposed to haunt, maybe he was the original owner and come back to try and haunt the living room

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    I used to live near Well Lane and was always playing there or near the church. never saw no Top Hats in all me days there

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    I'll check and see if Jona has a top hat, might be him he saw.
    You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.
    Winston Churchill

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    14 books x 30 stories each - Christ, there's nearly more ghosts than people walking around which is strange in itself as i've yet to see one. His one about Gerard Gardens where some of us on here lived for decades was never mentioned once by anyone we ever knew. I think gullible women buy them (Ged ducks with hands protecting his head)

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Default Ticket Allocation floating room only

    I do have positive proof ghosts do not exist,

    not a single ghost or someone from the othre side (Everton?) phoned roger phillips to complain about euro Cup final tickets

    If I was Tom I'd stop writing the books and start diggin seeing as he has all these "Contacts" to all this loot......

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    Default colour of the top hat

    the top hat wasnt purple was it?

    and it was on his head?

    maybe it was a helmet?

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    Default just the facts please where's me hand gone?

    His facts are so spurious I'm beginning to disbelieve Liverpool is a real place.........hang on I'm fading away....I was only a figment of Tom Lemons fertile imagination.........after allll

    Nah only joking I'm back, the walk down that white tunnel was killing me feet....

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    Watch out when criticising his Ripper work or getting to know like you know who did.
    Gididi Gididi Goo.

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    Default ripper was an alien (in a top hat)

    why what happened , he didnt kill them did he, I mean his mate "killed" a vampire didnt he.......hmmmmmmmm

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    Default dead end tom

    Quote Originally Posted by steveb View Post
    Nowt. Just that a lot of his "facts", are unsubstantiated.
    I tried to track down a few things mentioned in his books, just came
    to a dead end.... Still a good story does sell books
    not too surprising

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