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    Default Ullet Grange

    THE breathtaking Victorian mansion personified the spirit of the ’60s through its philosophy of communal living, open parties and art exhibitions.

    But now Ullet Grange, the only intact property of its kind in Sefton Park, is up for sale and, with 30 rooms on four floors, is a bargain at just under £1m.

    And while there are other special properties in Liverpool that give us a glimpse into the city’s past, Ullet Grange remains unspoilt, retaining all its original features and Victorian splendour.

    With views towards Sefton Park at the front and Princes Park at the back, such is the beauty of this Grade-II listed building that commercial developers who have viewed the property have said they do not want to be the ones responsible for turning this home into 11 apartments.

    This is welcome news to part-owner Michael Howson, who for 25 years ran it as a communal house, organising a number of benefit parties at the property and opening the doors to the community to use its rooms as venues for meetings, yoga classes and Chi Gung sessions. more
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    I'm a bit uneasy at the amount of property that was sold off by previous city administrations for a song and is now worth a fortune. It's a pity that there wasn't some caveat or something that ensured that the city got something back when the owners sold it.

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    I think I may know Mike Howson, a very, very quiet spoken guy who bought the place while he worked for CDS housing co op when they were based in Bold Street. The place needed quite a bit of work at first but it looks like it's payed off now.

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    Default uulet grange

    To clarify: the house was bought at exactly the valuation of the District Valuer, ie. the market value and therefore far from a song. The idea that the city - which can only mean the City Council, which seems at present to take every opportunity to take money from its residents - might get 'something back' I don't think would get popular support. Anyway it's usually called 'tax' for which there is plentiful provision. As for giving something back Ullet Grange is presently proposed as a green cooperative 'CoHousing' scheme (see The website of the UK Cohousing Network | The website of the UK Cohousing Network ).
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    Good job it is a listed building.

    How much would just the acre of buildable land in between the two parks be worth?

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    You would have to analyze that,for well knowledge!

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