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    Green Goddess

    Would I prefer a vista of Table Mountain or of Cape Town harbor
    with Robben Island skulking in a sulfurous orange sunset?
    Instead of the tramlines of Broad Green, Liverpool,
    a rickety Green Goddess squealing on silvered steel
    as I listen to you recount your lies and indiscretions?

    I'm your kept black South African therapist,
    your paid earpiece. You think I'm your friend
    but I am not your pal, your bosom buddy. No!
    We have boundaries here. Rather I'm your tethered impala,
    dopey and doleful as a gnu, a golden chain encircling my neck.

    Christopher T. George

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
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    I am not too bright with poetry.

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