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Thread: Sarah Ellen Cahill born Williams

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    Default Sarah Ellen Cahill born Williams

    I am nervous about posting on this, my new site. I have to admit to posting on many Lancashire sites in the hope of breaking down my brickwall.

    My great grandmother, Sarah Ellen Cahill born Williams disappeared without trace sometime after 1889. She had married James Thomas Cahill in 1887, had a child, Ellen in 1888 and been a godmother in 1889. Then we lost sight of the family.

    This Cahill family does not appear in the 1891 census. This may be for a multitude of reasons: eg lost pages by the enumerator, a surname stuff up, though I have tried numerous variations, the family may have gone to Ireland "on vacation"!!, they were simply not counted!

    Sarah Ellen disappears! James Cahill reappears in the 1901 census with daughter, Helen, (Ellen). He is supposed to be married to a Margaret in the 1901 census, but I have written evidence that this marriage did not take place until 1902.

    How can this new site help me, ( and maintain my sanity ??)

    Find the James Thomas Cahill & Sarah Ellen Cahill Family in the 1901 census.
    Tell me what happened to Sarah Ellen Cahill after her disappearance.
    She had one surviving brother, Benjamin Williams.

    The obvious has been examined. There needs to be something new inserted into the investigation from a new source, hopefully here.
    Another name of significance is Currie. I believe Sarah spent years with her aunt Sarah Currie after the death of her own mother.
    Addresses pertinent are Ascot, Epsom & Towson Sts in the Everton area.

    Finally, this is not an initial investigation. Many people have had an input. Without solving the two questions. I visited Liverpool last year from Australia and recently utilised a paid researcher.

    To conclude: I was born in Curzon Road Waterloo Liverpool 22 in 1946. I grew up in Dean St Waterloo until 1955 when we sailed for Australia.
    I am committed to finding Sarah Ellen Cahill, my great grandmother.

    Thanks !

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    I hope someone on here can help you find her, best of luck,
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Marriages Jun 1887 (>99%)

    Cahill James Thomas Liverpool 8b 343 *****
    Flaherty Ann Liverpool 8b 343
    McGuinnes Stephen Liverpool 8b 343
    Williams Sarah Ellen Liverpool 8b 343 ******

    Alan my grandmother was a Sarah Ellen Williams born Liverpool , but in 1903

    ---------- Post added at 10:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:20 PM ----------

    Have you ruled out that she may have died .
    There is one death for Sarah Ellen Cahill in Liverpool in 1899 BUT her age is given as 0

    Ohh dear , so frustrating when they just disappear


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    Thanks to Mart & Karen for your interest. I bought the death cert for the Sarah you mentioned but it wasn't my Sarah. I also have a Sarah marrying John Connor in 1910. Again not the right one. Yes, she could have died and under any name. Or it could have been a bad marriage and she just wanted out. I can't say. I will keep searching.
    Karen, I don't suppose Benjamin Williams or the Currie family have any meaning to you ?


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    Hi 1946lad,welcome to Yo! Hope you have some luck with your quest,I know how frustrating genealogy can be!! Have you tried any Irish records?

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    Hi Wsteve55!
    If the family were in Ireland at the time of the 1891 census, I have no idea of where they might be. Sarah was born in Liverpool and we are 99% sure that husband James was, too. He seems to be the result of a marriage between Thomas Cahill & Bridget Brereton in Liverpool also. I have not been able to locate Thomas. any suggestions ?

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    Alan, can you tell me if the written confirmation of the 1902 marriage was the marriage certificate? and if so did it not say James was a widower.
    Is the James + Margaret + Helen 1901 census the one where they are living in Waterloo (Kendrick Road)? if so I wouldn't pay too much attention to him declaring Margaret as his wife - happened quite often - and Margaret is only 12 years older than Helen, so evidently not her mother.

    FreeBMD have a death for a James T Cahill aged 57 in West Derby in 1924, right name,age and area.

    Best of luck,

    p.s. I think Margaret had lost her previous husband. I reckon her name on marrying your James was Fitxgerald, but that was her married name, she was actually born Margaret Ashton.

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    have just spent fruitless 20 mins answering you & the post disappeared !!

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    Chin-up Lad.
    Nobody thinks the less of you.

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    Trying again!
    James was a widower, Margaret was a widow. Married St Nicholas Liverpool 14 Sep 1902. As per marriage cert.
    James, Helen(Ellen) & Margaret were at Kendrick St in 1901. Name looks like COHILL.
    James did die in 1924. he is in Ford in a plot owned by Margaret. However from Ashton to Fitzgerald to Cahill she became O'Connor and her last husband is in the same plot.
    Sorry I have not posted everything I know, reasons being brevity and confidentiality but I have lots on the family except where they were in the 1891 census and where did Sarah Ellen Cahill disappear to. I have her up to 1889 when she stands as a godmother at a baptism.

    Family folk lore says she disappears 1895. This has no credence except for the fact that it is 7 years later that James is legally able to marry again. Presumably his wife is dead.

    Welcome to my ???? !!! family.

    Now I will try "Go Advanced", not "Post Quick Reply"

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    Cheers Alan, thanks for that. I know the feeling of missing the last post - done it loads of times, try saying 'alakazam' when hitting the button, works for me .

    I'll keep having a little poke around, but it doesn't look too promising.


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    Let's try another track. Sarah Ellen Cahill, born Williams, disappeared but her brother Benjamin didn't.
    In the 1911 census he is living at 109 Ashfield St Liverpool with his wife Elizabeth, born McBride and the children who were Owen b. 1904, Mary b. 1906, Francis b. 1908 & Josephine born 1910.
    I am reasonably confident that this family are now all deceased, so am willing to post their
    names in this forum.
    What I am hoping is that someone from a younger generation might see this post and have some input into the Cahill family disappearance.

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