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Thread: st malachy's school

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    georgie t
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    Default st malachy's school

    when i first heard about this nearly 12 months ago i knew it was going top of my list

    St malachys' was my old primary school housing the nursery & infants in one block and the juniors in a seperate block with school church attatched to the side of the juniors

    i knew i couldnt let this one slip me by and as the time grew near i knew i had to see inside again so i was privileged to to be allowed to see inside before closure

    i never really thought on doing a report at that time just seeing inside and getting a few pics was good enough for me but then i thought maybe i could explore the place while empty and compare the before and after shots so set about a plan to try and get the shots i was after

    i knew the church was totally out of the question being closed for the last 9 yrs and secured to death but im told its been stripped and theres nothing inside but having many family funerals in there and made my communion in there so i couldnt really care whats left, again just to see inside for one last time would do me.

    so after my first visit a few weeks rolled on and time was called and the bell was rang for the last time i couldnt believe it after 100yrs it was closed and demolition threatened as little as 2 days after closure.

    so off i went to chance a solo explore and it paid off i once again found myself standing inside but this time it was really strange the walls stripped of kids paintings, classrooms empty just memories remained the lights were out and i was home for one final time.

    enough babble ill let the pictures do the talking ive gone for a before and after shot on most pics although they may not be in exactly the same place but you get the idea..

    this first pic isnt mine it was taken from the website its basically so you can get a view of what it was like instead of posting various external shots and i think it was taken from the roof of the opposite mill view heights or one of the balcony's the junior block is the one connected to the church and infants/nursery is the one nearest with both school halls connected to eachother aswell ,also the priest house which is now demolished sat next to the church on the left....also many moons ago the school used to have a football pitch and playground on the roof with boys and girls toilets at either end thats the reason for the high walls on the roof

    ill kick off where it all started for me the nursery...this was wierd the nursery was moved into the infant block and this room was now called the sonas project and apparently the only one in liverpool it housed kids who couldnt cope with normal school life and i was quite shocked to find out the old cloakroom was now a padded cell for when these kids were naughty to kick **** out of it (i think it only had 6 kids in total in the class)

    as it looks today

    the once nursery classroom sonas project classroom

    and as it stands today

    now we move onto the infant block

    again 4 weeks after my allowed explore it now looks like this (looks more like a hospital with its wide corridors)

    various before and after classroom shots (again not exactly in the same spot)

    the after shot

    play area

    after shot

    after shot

    the library and reading area

    after shot

    the infant assembly hall (didnt manage a before shot but nothings really changed in the last few weeks)

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    now its time for the junior block some good times were had in my yrs here met so many good people some whom im still in contact today just like the infants it was 4 classes very large classes infact and various other rooms which i will explain as i go on and like said before it used to have the playground and football pitch on the roof which i never got to see when i was there all those yrs ago but today i seen it up close

    again ill do some before and after shots maybe not in the same spot but as good as

    the lower floor corridor leading to the heads office and staff room with the library in the middle to the left

    again the after shot some 4 weeks later was quite shocked to see the place like this and this was the first thing i seen when entered the building

    the once trophy cabinet in the middle

    now empty

    class one

    after shot

    the once staff room

    and as it stands today

    upper floor class 4

    and today

    computer room

    and today

    upper floor corridor

    and today


    and as it looks now

    storage room just before the roof access

    and now empty

    class 3 (with the art room in the middle)

    and the after shot

    one last look at my last class before leaving

    and the return pic

    the juniors assembly hall (i had my first piano lesson in here)

    and now its empty

    if your wondering wheres class 2 it was now used as a music room ill add a couple more pics to the end of this including the roof shots and other various pics

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    i also found some old pictures from 22 yrs ago and retook them hoping to blend new with old

    firstly this is my brother im in the background with my sister

    then one taken while the police horses came into the school im the blond one looking at the camera (if you can make me out)

    and finally a pic with my mum in it original pic taken 1946
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    Superb Georgie.
    Really like the old pics you got onto the modern shots

    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    An excellent post again Georgie. I love the contrasting pics and the pics within pics

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    Well done Georgie, an excellent series of photos once more.

    The old in the new photo series is fantastic.

    Have you seen the photography of Sergey Larenkov? Now and then [superimposed] wartime scenes from mostly St Petersburg.
    "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."... ... ... Mark Twain.

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    Lovely photographs. I know St Malachys quite well. St Malachys and Our Lady of Mount Carmel are joining together and will go into a very new building that housed Beaufort Park School, now closed. Another school in the area also closed, St Margaret's of Antioch, which was one of my old primary schools. I did go to one of the closing events for St Margarets and was it was very sad knowing it was the end of an era. I work in a school in L8, and we were so happy our school wasn't on the hit list, but also sad because of the closure of long established Victorian schools.

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    Great photies. I like that idea of holding up the pic to the compare the scene.
    thanks for posting all your smashing pics

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    Most of the school extension has been demolished. The demolition team are there NOW.

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    georgie t
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    Quote Originally Posted by marky View Post
    Most of the school extension has been demolished. The demolition team are there NOW.
    i was there yesterday m8 exploring the to follow cheers

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    georgie t
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    the end of an era is just days away

    prob the last time i will get to see this place now as it will be gone in the next few days but ive enjoyed watching the progress of this school over the past months

    all that remains is half of the junior block everything else has now gone

    the only playground left intact is the infants

    and a pic taken from the garages at the back

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