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Thread: Maps of Liverpool

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    Default Where can I find this info?

    Hi there :-)

    Is there anyone on here that could help me find some old map details of Wadham Road, opposite Bootle Cricket Ground. I have spent the whole night trying to find details of this, but the only advice I can come up with is to visit my local library. This sounds rather 'time consuming' and I don't really feel that it would give me the info I need (though I could be wrong yeah?) .

    The reason for my enquiry is that we believe my Mum's old house (in Wadham Rd) could be haunted, and wondered could it have something to do with what was on the site before the house was actually built (late 18th century).

    My Mum and her family moved in the house in 1945, and unfortunately we have no details of who lived there before that, so even any details of how to find out this info would be a great help!!

    Any help or advice you could give would be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks ~ Sue

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    Alan Godfrey Maps,No's.106.02 Bootle 1907,99.13 Bootle Docks 1907 and 99.14 Bootle North 1906.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNASHER View Post
    Alan Godfrey Maps,No's.106.02 Bootle 1907,99.13 Bootle Docks 1907 and 99.14 Bootle North 1906.

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    The Domesday Book has hit the net in a new way, so I hear...

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