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Thread: rellies from Holly Street. Liverpool

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    Question rellies from Holly Street. Liverpool

    How can I find out how long my paternal grandparents lived at 21 Holly Street, Liverpool. This is the only address we have in 1914 regarding them, although I don't actually think they came from Liverpool. My late dad was born in 1909 in Bath in Somerset so it's possible they came from there initially, but my grandfather, Charles Young was a private in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers(occupation, Slater) My grandmother, Emily Young (nee Wheeler) and granddad Charles lived together before they got married according to the address of 21 Holly Street, as it gives this address for both of them on the wedding certificate. I think Charles was in the army till 1920.

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    Hello Mary

    Liverpool street directories are available which list everyone living on a street in every year. I have traced my grandparents and great grandparents that way. Another way of doing it is through census information, although obviously the census only comes out every ten years.

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    1936 Street Directory.
    21 Holly Street.
    Patrick Dillon, labourer.

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    My dad used to have a great big thick street directory (either Gores or Kelly's) I think he bought it from a St. Georges Hall flea market.

    How would I get hold of street directories from the 20s to the 60s please?

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