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    hiya everyone im trying to do some of my tree and im looking for eny information about an old chipy on lodge lane around 1950 i have been told it was run by mary brown i think im looking for the browns as this was my mothers name some names i no are winnie brown she had a brother called christopher winnie had a couple of daughters one being donna marrie my mothers name was marrie lorraine fisher eny help at all would be much gratefull the chippy was well nown so im told my mum lived in hartington road xxxx

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    I'm sure you will find some information here Louise , our members are very helpful and informed , good luck with it , and welcome to YO .

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    I have some pics of Lodge Lane on my site including a chippy or perhaps two - ranging from the 60s to 1981 I think. See if you can find out which block it was on or which two side streets it was between?

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    i think the chippy was called tongs

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    There was a chippy on Lodge Lane,Mitty's was the name it was by Williams cake shop, almost opposite Tiber Street. I went up there about 4 years ago and it was still there. It was then owned by a Chinese family and the chips were awful.If you were lucky in the 1940's,Mittys counter hands would give you a free bag of batter bits when you were getting a big order,in our case it was four threes of chips and four fishcakes,just big enough to get the freebies,

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