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    Default Modern Art (CTG)

    Modern Art

    Modern art: Aaaaaaargh!

    Iron men littering the Formby seashore?
    St. George's lions in cages or banners
    emblazoned with Yoko's t*i*t*s*?!!!
    Green boats filling a bombed-out

    church? On a general basis, please,
    you can keep all these artsy bits.
    And Super Lamb Banana? Enough
    to render me blue and bananas, too!

    I prefer my lions uncaged, thank you
    very much, and art to make us think,
    fine, but not art to dumb us down.
    Modern artifacts only make us frown.

    But, you say, Lamb Banana delights
    the kids like the Yellow Submarine.
    Alright, though mostly I'm not keen,
    I'll confess, they make me smile too.

    Christopher T. George

    Super Lamb Banana. From Liverpool Pages by SapineKuu

    Below: Installation in St. Luke's Church, Liverpool.

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
    Chris on Flickr and on MySpace

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    I love the Super Lamb Banana - even when they painted it flourescent green!

    To a Lindisfarne tune...
    'meet me on the corner where the super lamb banana's painted green,
    head off toward the Rising Sun too where some right Shenanigans might be seen...'

    I could be a bit drunk right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorhemp View Post
    head off toward the Rising Sun too
    Is this the same Rising Sun (Mad Micks) in Portland Gardens?

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    The old Rising Sun on Tithebarn St. now called Shenanigans.

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