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    Default A Dock in Liverpool, England (CTG)

    Hi Folks

    I wrote this poem some years ago, in the Seventies and it won a prize in a national contest here in the U.S. It was written about Albert Dock, which subsequently of course was filled up with water and spruced up for the tourist trade and for the good of the people of Merseyside. I had thought the poem might be outdated, but I see now since joining this site and reading the fine posts by Waterways that other docks similarly are without water or are being filled in, so it does remain apt. Any comments most appreciated.


    A Dock in Liverpool, England

    Above a dock with no ships and no water,
    seeds drift from a dandelion clock.
    All the people who sailed from Liverpool
    to America. . . all seeds, all gone.

    Christopher T. George

    From a post by Waterways--

    Below: The sad scene of in-filling at Princes Half-Tide Dock (the entrance to both Waterloo Docks) , which has killed the UNESCO protected unique and essential marine life. Pictures by Dave Wood
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