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Thread: Waterloo/Crosby Sea front questions

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    Default Waterloo/Crosby Sea front questions

    Hiya, I know these are long shots but can't think of a better place to ask.

    My auntie mentioned to me the other day that the sea came pretty much upto the bottom of South Road in Waterloo, Now there's the marina area. Can anyone confirm and or provide photos of this ?

    Second question, a while back my mum told me that a few times there was sea water running up st johns road as far as the level crossing, again waterloo.

    These both would have happened sometime between late 50s and the 70s


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    On a serious note,
    Until Seaforth docks were built, the beach extended as far as Seaforth. I can remember, as a child, playing in the sand at the bottom of South Road, Waterloo and the tide coming nearly up to the wall of the gardens. As for the ingress of the sea, it was possible with a Spring tide and the right storm conditions, for the sea to reach inland. I have never heard of it getting to St. Johns Road, though! The foreshore was affected by the migration of the mouth of the River Alt. This had the effect of lowering it, allowing large waves nearer the land. Once the Alt was diverted in 1936, levels began to slowly rise again. The event you describe could possibly have happened in that period.
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    Default Beach as far as South Road

    I grew up in Waterloo and lived at the bottom of St Johns Road where the crossing and there are some pictures in my parents of myself and the family on the beach where you describe before the marina lakes were there, I will try to dig them out next time I visit, the sea did at times come as far as where the lake is now


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