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    Default Peter Craven

    Speedway: Tribute to a legend

    BELLE Vue legend Peter Craven, World champion in 1955 and 1962, was a man totally unspoiled by

    massive fame and adulation.

    He remained the local lad from Liverpool until his untimely death at the age of 29 following a crash at Edinburgh

    in 1963 that left the entire speedway world shocked.

    It was a tragic death that culminated from a series of events and one that could have been

    avoided had any of them been different.

    Craven's last meeting is traced in a chapter fittingly but sadly called Forever Young in a new book `Peter

    Craven: Wizard of Balance,' which has been written by Brian Burford to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the rider's death.

    No one in the book

    has a bad word for the little guy, also known as the Mighty Atom, who was the inspiration for many - including Belle Vue's next English superstar and World

    champion, Peter Collins.

    But it was Craven's reluctance to disappoint his public that played a major part in his death in what was nothing more than

    a high-profile friendly.

    He had suffered a heavy fall when losing his World title at Wembley just before the trip north.

    Some observers noted

    other rare falls and felt he was tired after a long, hard season.

    Craven, however, said: "I have never let anyone down yet."

    He won his first

    three races but was then asked by promoter Ian Hoskins to take a 20-yard handicap in the final heat so the fans had a chance to see his legendary passing


    Sportingly, he agreed.

    He passed teammate Billy Powell and Dudley McKean and was right behind George Hunter on the last when the

    Edinburgh rider's engine seized up and Craven, trying to take evasive action, flew into the wooden safety fence.

    That was Friday, September 20 and he

    died four days later in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

    Craven will be the focus of a special night at the George Lawton Hall, Mossley on Saturday,

    November 15 (7pm to midnight).

    Many who saw him ride, including members of his family, will attend the reunion organised by Derek Adrian, who can be

    contacted on 0161 682 0067.

    Peter Craven: Wizard of Balance is published by Tempus Ltd of Stroud at £14.99.

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    I used to go to Belle Vue

    every time the aces were at home, I saw him win at Wembley in '62. Brilliant rider, his brother Brian also rode the speedway.
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