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Thread: Royal Insurance Building, Dale Street

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    Default Royal Insurance Building, Dale Street

    I've posted these photos on other sites, but thought they might be of interest here.

    The Royal Insurance Company was established in Liverpool in 1845. Designed by J Francis Doyle, the Royal Insurance building in Liverpool was built between 1897 and 1903. It is thought that this structure might be the first example of a steel framed building built in Britain. The building is Grade II listed, and currently stands empty and disused.

    Proposals to turn the building into a hotel were put forward several years ago, and although as yet un-sold, the property has planning permission for this.

    The most recent leaseholder didn't do much with the building, and it's been empty for as long as I can remember. In June I managed to get in through an unlocked door and went back six more times, mainly for the rooftop views. It's an interesting building, as is the basement (pictures of which I put in the underground Liverpool thread) which housed a WW2 air-raid shelter.

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    Excellent Snappel. Thanks so much, they are fascinating. This building should be used for something!!
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    A gorgeous building, the ceilings are lovely.

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    Its a shame such a grandeur building is being left to rot, they deffinitely need to do something with it.

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    How did you get inside?

    I wouldn't mind getting in Ninja style.

    Looks like most people going into an empty building like that would crap there pants though in the darker rooms!
    Gididi Gididi Goo.

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