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    The "FLOR De La MAR which brings to our images of lost treasures. This Portuguese ship which sank off the coast of Malacca in 1511 AD had 60 tons of gold! A good place for treasure hunters to go because, it is still intact. But there is a catch. The treasure is bogged down by 15 m of sediments.
    In the Portuguese set out to conquer the rich seaport of Malacca in Malaysia, After taking the town, Alfonso de Albuquerque a Portuguses governor constructed a fortress and set up a mint which sums up the military and commercial motives of this expedition.Alfonso de Albuquerque decided to load some of the captured booty on to four ships, one of them was the Flor De La MAR.
    On the return journey the fleet ran into a storm off the coast of Sumatra. The Flor De La Mar anchored, as night fell the storm got worse and the ship ran on to reefs, the hullbroke in two. the stern part wedged on the rocks and the fore part floated free.A raft was made and most of the sailors were rescued.except Albuquerque only allowed Europeans on the raft, and they wewe left to drown including the slave girls and youths.
    In 1991 am Indonesian Co claimed to have located the remains of the Flor De La Mar in about 120 ft,under water and under mud near Tengah reef.
    The Co states that the search has cost US$20 million, but the current value of the cargo is worth between US$1 billion and US$8 billion.
    Indonesia claims the wreck lies in Indonseian waters and claims ownership.
    I have not found any more information on the outcome??

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    Not heard of this before Reg. Why aint they getting it if they've found it.

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