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Thread: RFA Grey Rover arrives for recycling at Canada Graving Dock - October 18, 2009

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    Default RFA Grey Rover arrives for recycling at Canada Graving Dock - October 18, 2009

    The former Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker RFA GREY ROVER arrived at Liverpool today following a dead tow from Porthsmouth being berthed in Canada Graving Dock.

    I have uploaded a large selection of photographs to the Irish Sea Shipping web site at:

    RFA GREY ROVER decomissioned in February 2006 and has been laid up at Portsmouth since then.

    She will be dismantled alomg with RFA SIR PERCIVALE (due to arrive around October 27) by Leavesley International who dismantled HMS INTREPID in Canada Graving Dock last winter.


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    Hate to see ships being broken up. Especially RN ships.

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    Its sad for things to come to an end - but at least the GREY ROVER will follow HMS INTREPID into oblivion in an environmentally friendly way.

    Very different to the scrapping methods used on the far eastern beaches where many of the world's great passenger ships have come to a sad end.


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