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Thread: Young People in Allerton and Mossley Hill

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    Default Young People in Allerton and Mossley Hill

    I manage the new Allerton/Mossley Hill Detached Project, working in these areas Monday - Friday evenings. The team would be interested in hearing from young people and the community at large how we can best support young people in these areas. We work out on the street, talking to young people where we find them, make contacts, organise activities and trips. If anyone has any information about where we could find young people to talk to, or if any young people have ideas and suggestions for the team, please get in touch here!

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    Beth, does your project extend into Garston, the young people there would certainly benefit as well as the more affluent areas of Allerton/Mossley Hill.
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    There are already detached youth workers out and about in Garston and Grassendale. Their team is more established than ours. Their offices are in Garston Urban Village Hall. We hope to do joint work over the summer with the Garton/Grassendale team, especially around Long Lane and Otterspool. We are starting from scratch in Allerton/Mossley Hill and although these may be percieved and 'affluent' areas, there will be issues for young people that are the same as in Garston.

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