A TEENAGE gang has been banned from shopping centres where they are accused of causing trouble.

The seven youths are said to have verbally abused and stole from local shopkeepers, intimidated members of the public, and thrown objects like bricks and fireworks at passing motorists

Each of the seven were handed interim anti-social behaviour orders at a hearing held at Liverpool magistrates? court yesterday.

These are given out when there is an urgent need to protect the community while a full Asbo is sought by Liverpool?s anti-social behaviour unit.

The interim orders mean the gang members are banned from associating with one another and from visiting specific shopping parades in the Speke and Garston areas.

The seven who appeared in court yesterday were Alan Dunn, 18, of Stamfordham Drive; Gary Carter, 18, of Redington Road; Christopher Slack, 18, of Ramsey Close; Dylan Swinnerton, 18, of Lumley Street, all Garston, and three others who cannot be named because of their age.

All except Carter are banned from a total of five shopping areas, including New Mersey Retail Park in Speke.

They must not cause harassment, alarm or distress or incite a person to cause harassment within the same area from where they are banned.

Garston neighbourhood officer Andrew McNamee said after the hearing: ?It is very important residents and shopkeepers are given some respite and to prevent youths from congregating in the area.

?These interim Asbos will be rigorously enforced and those found breaching them will be arrested.?

The seven youths are next due to appear before magistrates on April 30.

In a separate court hearing, another seven-strong gang of youths who are accused of intimidating residents in Speke have had their interim Asbos extended until their next court hearing on May 22.

They are accused of abusing shop owners and police officers, and throwing missiles at people?s homes.

Michael Helsby, 19, of Damwood Road; Christopher McKenzie, 19, of East Damwood Road; Liam Melia, 18, of Rudley Walk; Anthony Wall, 17, of Burnage Close; Steven Jones, 17, of Oldbridge Road; Jamal Garbe, 16, of Alderwood Avenue; and Paul Morris, 15, of Western Avenue, all Speke, are banned from congregating in the housing estate.

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