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Thread: The Dickens Streets area in Toxteth

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    Default The Dickens Streets area in Toxteth

    Could anyone give me some history to this immediate area in Toxteth. The roads like Dickens Street, Pickwick Street but Upper Warwick Street too etc....
    What was here before these streets? I understand that a wind mill stood on Pickwick Street. Are there any photo's of it?
    I have some old maps cannot really make out what was here before the network around Pickwick Street. It looks like there were streets before though. At least on the 1834 OS map
    Any history would be very much appreciated

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    Dickens St, 1911:

    Pickwick St, 2006:

    Northumberland St at corner of Dickens St, 2006:

    Below: Upper Warwick St, 1855.

    By 1855 most of the street names are modern, although some were to changed during the two incorporations of Toxteth into Liverpool.

    Blue on the map is water. Mathers dam can be seen. The stream and pools can be seen clearly. The Windmill can be clearly seen with its mill pond. North St is now North Hill St, Jones St is now Laxey St.
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    Thank you very much.
    Any more info would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Dickens Street

    Over Upper Warwick Street opposite Dickens Street was Sussex Street.
    Can anyone tell me any information about this Street?
    Or are there are any pictures that I can view on line?

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