Hi all,

I am trying to find out information on a Hoban (male) born in Capparanny, Co. Mayo, Ireland in the late 1800s. His father was Patt Hoban and his mother was Mary Hoban nee Flanagan; there were 6 brothers Martin b. 1883, Michael b. 1888, John also born 1888, Patrick b. 1890 Denis b. 1894 (my gt granddad) and Stephen b. 1897 and three sisters Catherine b. 1885, Ellen b. 1892 and Sarah b. 1899.

I know that Martin went to America and Denis went to Birmingham, UK. So it leaves Michael, John, Patrick or Stephen.

This male moved from Ireland to Liverpool in the early 1910s and ran a hotel or pub and was still there between 1950 and 1960 as this man offered my granddad (Dennis P Hoban) a job.

I know I don't have much info and I may be asking the impossible; but if this rings any bells please get in touch.

Many thanks