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Thread: descendants of Henry Martin and Rebecca Martin nee McEwan c1850s

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    Default descendants of Henry Martin and Rebecca Martin nee McEwan c1850s

    hi people
    doing family tree and sort of stuck ,not from here from over the border, but have a grt gran who was daughter of people mentioned in title, her name was Mary Martin born St Helens 1857 whether (church) St Helens liverpool or St Helens Prescot ive not found out yet, tried on Genes Re-united..but Martin family ive been notified about ,their Daughter Mary is 2 yrs younger..Mary left Liverpool area sometime around or before 1876 as thats when she married John McMunnagil (my grt grandad) of Glasgow.. her father Henry was listed on marriage certificate as a Clinical worker furnaceman and mother named Rebecca McEwan..dont know of any other siblings to Mary..and every possibility that Henry and Rebecca came over from Ireland and settled in Liverpool area.. so ive joined this site to see if by any chance there may still be descendants of those Martins still in Liverpool area ..if any out there thats looking for what happened to Mary or have little info after she moved north then add to this post


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    Hi Again,

    ive now found 3 Martin familys,all with father Henry...Mother Rebecca and a daughter from Burnley (Padiham) from Grt from Crosby

    Padiham Martin's Rebecca maiden name Carnachan/Carnaghan

    Grt Crosby Martin's Rebecca maiden name is Moorcroft ( i think)

    Crosby Martins Rebecca maiden name ...? any person out there help me in my search for grt grans parents

    thanks for looking in and for any info you can help with

    john 57

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    Hi. John 57. See it's 12 mths since you posted this request re the Martins of Great Crosby Liverpool. Can I be of any help to you. Henry Martin and Rebecca Moorcroft were my 2 x grt. grandparents on my mothers side.

    Martin Gray

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    hi martin and thanks, been so long i almost forgot about this thread .your rebecca not same as mine..mine is rebecca mcewan and also married too a henry martin who was a foundry type worker..actully found three familys all same parents first names with a daughter mary (my grt grt gran) i only know that on marriage cert born england... and on another site..the mormon one she listed as born St Helens..not sure if it the place or church area in grt any info on those martins would be a godsend...but your martins different i think but thanks for the reply martin

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