Following a fall down stairs at his home on 2 December 1998, he spent the last few weeks of his life in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, initially in a coma.

He was so convicing as a monk on "Oh Brother!" (1968) that he was once arrested on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica, by the Vatican Police after being seen with his arm around a girl by a shocked nun.

Derek went to Quarry Bank School in Liverpool, later to be better known due to John Lennon.

Received a special mention in "The Goodies" episode: 'Wacky Wales', where there was a special team comprised exclusively of 'Derek Nimmos' in the Rugby Union (football) game of Ecclesiastical Sevens - emphasising his special religious-oriented roles in television programs such as "Oh Brother!", "Oh Father!" and "All Gas and Gaiters" among others.

Father of Amanda, Timothy and Piers.

First job was at the Hippodrome at Bolton in England, UK

He has appeared in many West End plays.