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    Default wash houses

    Hi could anybody tell me if there were any wash houses in or around soho street,liverpool....Im looking for around the 1930 's upwards..
    Any replies would be much appreciated
    regards catherine

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    there was a washouse in clare st. which was just off springfield st.i remember saving my mams turn in the queue.

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    The nearest I can think of would be Clare Street off Springfield St but i'll get my thinking cap on.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Smile HI

    A big thank you for your replys...
    Im lookinf for a photo of a woman carrying a bundle of washing on her head either going or coming form the wash house...
    She lived in soho street and her name is ellen quirke...
    much appreciated
    cat xxxxxxxx

    cheers ears (ged)

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    Default wash house clare street

    Soz I forgot to ask,how far away was it from soho street,as in how long would it take to walk..
    I dont understand kilometres and all that
    catherine xx

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    Hiya Cat. I believe one of those women is a Mrs Baines too - there are three of them and the pic is on my site below on this page: inacityliving

    in fact 3 pics (I think) exist of those ladies and can be found by googling '20th century images'.

    Clare street wasn't too far from Soho street. You would walk straight down Springfield (which is still there), the wash-house on Clare Street was behind the library on Christian Street.

    All the best,

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    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Both the library and the wash-house were built on the site of the old Adelphi theatre.

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    Default soho street and wash house

    A big thank you to all that replyed...It was very helpful...

    GED i checked your photos out and they really brought memories back for me..
    I worked in the wine lodge in charlotte street in the early 90's and after work we would go and spend our tips in the cumberland,watching live bands...
    It was fantastic...I was only just turned 18 when I got the job in the wini,

    I was in there the week before my 18th on a friday and went up to the boss(charlie) and asked for a job,he asked my age and said come back when i was 18..Well the next week I did and I started the next night...It was fantastic working there as I met the most unusual and sometimes extreme scousers ever to walk liverpool...It was such a learning curve...As u can imagine.. Cardboard Banjo man was always outside..Do u remember him,if so then he is on u tube as students have taken him to there heart..

    Anyway I found the photos and would I be able to find out any info on them?You see as u know Im looking for a Ellen mea or her married name quirk..
    I dont know what she looks like you see...
    regards cat

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    Glad you liked the site Cat. Cardboard Banjo (jacko) is on the people and places page of the site - for the homepage, click the link below.

    I'm sorry but I don't know the other ladies names on that photo or their whereabouts now but you could ask on the forum of Scottie Press or on the genealogy thread on this site.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    cheers ears,that scottie road web site is fab..
    I left a couple of messages on there today and had a reply...
    They have found the info out that I needed...
    I have spent ages trying to find what they found in an hour..
    LIVERPOOL does still have big kind hearted people...
    Who do things for people without ever meeting them or wanting anything in return

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    When this was a wash-house this street was called Beamish Street. Now it's part of Park Road. There can't be many of these buildings left.

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    Default Watching

    My job at Steble street wash house in the sixties was to keep an eye on nice sheets and counterpane covers for the women. I charged a shilling or sometimes a tanner. That would get me five woodbines and a cup of tea. Nothing ever went on my watch
    Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
    Time held me green and dying
    Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

    Dylan Thomas

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