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Thread: The Baltic Triangle - what's Baltic about it?

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    Default The Baltic Triangle - what's Baltic about it?

    Have you ever thought you knew something then when you sat down and thought about it, realised that you didn't really know much for sure?

    I was just about to write a paragraph about the Baltic Triangle when I began to wonder what really gave it its name. I've always thought that Baltic timber yards and shipping lines were based there but now I wonder. Where the timber yards really owned by Baltic companies or just by British ones who imported the wood from Scandinavia? Were there any Scandinavian shipping or fishing companies based there? Or just British ones which traded with the Baltic ports? I seem to remember that the whaling industry was around there - was that controlled by the Scandinavians? I guess I'm wondering if the connection was just through the products that came from the Baltic states (and if so, what were they) or if Baltic companies actually operated from there? I know the Scandinavian church was/is there and I wonder if Scandinavians actually lived in the area or if it was just Baltic seamen who visited the church.

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    Any help in defining the "Baltic-ness" of the triangle appreciated!


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    The pub?

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    And the docks,a lot of Baltic traders plied those docks carrying the cargoes to and from all of the Baltic countries. Where there are now swish apartments and tourists shops and restaurants there was once merchant ships ,mostly British,that ploughed the northern seas crewed, by men who earned their bread through hard labour. I cannot go to the Albert Dock without recalling the smells and sounds of yesteryear,I'm a sad git really.

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    The local Scandinavian Church/seaman's mission may give a clue. Scandinavian ships also were plentiful around those docks. Yes, a lot of trade with the Baltic around there at one time.
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    There was a R M S Baltic which sailed the translantic run from the Liverpool to America from that area of the docks,(Brunswick and Queens) that is why the Coburg pub was originally known as the Translantic hotel,where passengers going to america would stay overnight so I presume they would also stay in the Baltic Fleet. The Baltic was one of the white star line`s largest ships

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