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Thread: Another betting shop in the Swan

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    Angry Another betting shop in the Swan

    Is there really any need for another betting shop in Old Swan??I ask this because there is another one opening up soon. That will make in the space of a 10 min walk ..

    2 on Derby Lane

    1 on St Oswald Street

    1 on Broadgreen Road

    2 in the Swan with a 3rd being renovated from a clothes shop.

    I thought there was a credit crunch but no one has mentioned this to the bookies ... Oh and Ive heard a rumour theres going to be one on the Netto carpark on Green Lane....if thats true that makes 8 in all .


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    From experience of my friends I can say that they are lazy in regards to betting. If we're going for a drink on a Saturday afternoon the premise to where we drink is its proximity to a bookies. So for Derby Lane you've got a bookies serving The Albany and Taff's Tavern and one serving The Cygnet. St Oswald's Street and Broadgreen Road serving The White House and The Red House. Prescot Road next to Iceland serving The Black Horse and The Navigator. I say 'serving', it should be 'preying'. We used to organise a day in the summer which had been handed down from all our dads when we used to go crown green bowling. The pub that had a green for hire had to be next to a bookies, not a couple of minutes away from one, next to one! Needless to say that that once great day out has fallen by the wayside as the need to bet ruined it for the rest of us.

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    Not forgetting one opposite the Derby Lodge on Prescot Road

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    Not forgetting the one opposite the Derby Lodge on Prescott Road

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    What's the odds on another before xmas

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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