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    Default Coleen Rooney

    Determined Coleen is dropping the McLoughlin and carving out a career in fashion
    By Sue Crawford 30/08/2008

    Beautiful Coleen is revelling in being married to Wayne Rooney
    She's considered one of the most stylish women in Britain, but there's one person who still teases Coleen Rooney so much that she rushes to the mirror in self-doubt - her husband Wayne.

    "My shape is classic British pear and I've got hips, legs and quite a round bum," she says. "Wayne is really cheeky and says my bum looks big when I wear my Juicy tracksuits. I just laugh when he says it, but I do get up and have a look in the mirror.

    "He says little things like that, knowing I'll react. Whereas if you say something to him he's not bothered. If I said he was wearing something I didn't like, he'd wear it all the more."

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    This is Coleen's first interview since she became Mrs Rooney after marrying Manchester United and England football star Wayne on the Italian Riviera in June.

    The wedding was a lavish ?3million, four-day affair, and Coleen admits: "Wayne and I still talk about it. It was such a special day and it's still so fresh in our minds. We're only just getting our pictures back now and we're waiting for our wedding video, so it's going to go on forever!"

    But today it's very much business as usual, with Coleen firmly back at work busy promoting her new book a fashion guide called Coleen's Real Style.

    It covers everything anyone could ever need to know about fashion from bags, shoes and evening gowns to casual clothes, jeans and underwear.

    Yet while the book draws on Coleen's much-publicised love of clothes, there is clearly much more to her than a passion for shopping. For in an era when WAGs are known mainly for spending their footballer husband's vast fortunes, Coleen has broken the mould.

    In the five years since being thrust into the spotlight as Wayne's girlfriend she has determinedly carved out her own career. She has been the face of George at Asda, has her own best-selling perfume, Coleen X, has already penned her autobiography and last year presented a TV series, Coleen's Real Women.

    She is currently filming a second series for ITV2 to be broadcast in the New Year and is considering a number of other offers to expand her Coleen X brand.

    She has been so successful that up to a third of the couples estimated combined wealth of ?30million is now believed to be down to her. However, she reveals that her Real Style guide will be her last-ever project under her maiden name Coleen McLoughlin.

    "I'm changing my name completely," she says. "At first I thought about keeping my own name, then I thought about using both names and then I said to Wayne, 'What do you want me to do?' And he said, 'I want you to change it'. I thought, 'You know what, when I eventually have children I'd like us all to have the same name'.

    "It also means a lot to Wayne. If you ask him what he finds special about being married, he'll say it's the fact that I took his name and we've now got the same surnames.

    "It's nice and I've got used to it now I've been practising signing my new signature. At first I was like, Oh my God, I've got a husband. It felt quite strange. But now I'm made up with it."

    Coleen and Wayne, both 22, famously met in the backstreets of Liverpool when they were just 14. Wayne broke her brothers tennis racket, and Coleen recalls thinking he was a bit of a pain.

    Shortly afterwards he fixed her bicycle chain and she softened, agreeing to a date at the cinema. Fewer than two years later Wayne had made the Everton first team and within a year he was propelled on to the world stage with an England call-up, becoming the country's youngest-ever player at 17 years and 111 days.

    The first time Coleen's picture was in the papers she was in long socks and a Puffa coat looking every inch the ordinary schoolgirl. In the five years that have passed she has coped with the attention well and today insists that marriage to Wayne will not affect her ambitions.

    "Loads of people ask me if I feel different now I'm married and I don't very much," she says. "The one thing that is different though is the extra commitment. It feels special knowing that he's mine and I'm his in marriage.

    "As far as work goes I've got quite a few projects on so I'm going to continue as I was. Im lucky, but I dont know when all this could end, so while I've got it, I think I should make the most of it."

    Shrewd and hard-working and with a good management team around her, Coleen is certainly making the most of the opportunities that come her way. As well as her latest book, she has also put together a series of childrens stories and has a make-up range due out in the New Year.

    All of which leaves little time for the newlyweds to start a family. Just after his wedding, Wayne admitted he would like three or four children, but for now Coleen is putting any baby plans on ice.

    "It's something we do think about and I definitely would like children in the future, but for now were both busy doing our own stuff," she says.

    Today it's Coleen's Real Style that dominates her thoughts, a book she hopes will emulate the success of her best-selling autobiography Welcome To My World.

    She says: "I know what the criticism is going to be before the book is even launched. It's going to be, 'What does she know about fashion and style she got it wrong here, she got it wrong there'. But those people who criticise me, what do they know about fashion that I don't know?

    "I've won a few awards for fashion and the main thing is that I'm not telling people how to dress or what to buy I'm just giving my advice."

    The book is a light, easy read and it's clear Coleen knows her subject inside out, with tips on choosing dresses, tops, accessories and lingerie, as well as showing people how to dress correctly for their shape and size. There's even a whole chapter dedicated to jeans to help readers find the best styles and brands to work for them.

    "I know I'm privileged to be able to afford designer clothes but I don't wear them all the time," Coleen insists. "I think whatever your budget, you can always dress nicely."

    As Wayne begins another important season with the Premiership champions and Coleen's career continues unabated, it's clearly going to be a busy year or two for the young couple.

    And while many high-profile marriages come under intense public scrutiny, Coleen is adamant that she and Wayne can cope with the pressures of being a very famous couple.

    "We are a team and it's nice to know that Wayne is always by my side supporting me in everything I do," she explains. "Being husband and wife gives that extra commitment and makes you feel more stable. It's very special."

    Coleens Real Style is published by Harper Collins on September 1, price ?17.99.

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    I've caught Real Women a few times and its just in ear shot as I type.

    For a young girl with 11 GCSEs, including an A* for Performing Arts, her grammar leaves a lot to be desired, its bloody awaful!
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    Default posh

    Here in Hertfordshire we have posh.
    Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
    Time held me green and dying
    Though I sang in my chains like the sea.

    Dylan Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev View Post
    I've caught Real Women a few times and its just in ear shot as I type.

    For a young girl with 11 GCSEs, including an A* for Performing Arts, her grammar leaves a lot to be desired, its bloody awaful!
    When i was in school, they didn't make a fuss about grammar during my teen years. They do now i hear.

    I got away with writing horrible grammer during school, wrote no full stops, question marks or commars. I didn't learn proper grammar till i started using forums when i left school just looking at peoples posts. The schools were told not to make a big fuss over grammar i heard and they didn't in my school anyway.

    Is real women like those daft talk shows were they get together and talk crap about the latest fashion and how to lose weight and still eat too much chocolate?
    Gididi Gididi Goo.

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    Coleen and what she does?

    Couldn't give even half a you-know-what.

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