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Australian Bound/ Living with royalty

Australian Bound ( 2nd time)

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So January 1976 ( arrived 21/1/76 this time didn't have to stay on the boat for 12 months?!!!,) arrived back in Freo for the 2nd time no embrassing screamingfamily to greet me, ok come on i'll treat you to a beer in the Australia? but!! don't worry my parents are not here!!! so yes luv what can I give you it's my pleasure? ( new Michael, but still the old wicked michael) Sorry didnt catch that can you repeat it please? same again, so what time do you get off? you cheeky monkey!! well you haven't got a ring on nither have I? didn't take you long to notice where i come from you get taught at an early age look, listen & act, so how about it? let me think about it? what you have? looks at me, to drink i mean and no wise cracks to that either? my mate standing with his mouth open, ( I told him coming over on the boat your going to see a new me) is your mate ok? nah silly buggars trying to catch his dinner eh? don't worry scouse saying, hey shut your Gob, i'll buy you pie chips and Gravy?,you still have that? you did 12 months ago yea been away? yea just did 12 month strech oh!!! i'll order your food and i'll bring over your drinks, she came over, hey listen my mates just said you might think that i've done a 12 month streech inside? yea? nah i spent 12 months in the old dart, old dart? you talk funny? old dart means England? where do you come then? i am from swe--den oh free sex!! no that is den-mark, oh i see I suppose i'd have to get used to your sayings? oh you've decided to come out with me? your quick!! AS THE ACTRESS SAID TO THE BISHOP, eh!! you no speak the queens english? nah she is the only one that does!! no i'm from the good old north west, north west of what? just outside Liverpool ahh Beatles & Man U ( stamps my feet) why you do that? I support LIVERPOOL Man U & Man city ( stamps my feet again) you funny!! ok i get off at 10.30? my mate says ok what have you done with the old Michael? he's left the building? so i have to get back to work you going to come? might be up soon ok tell us? so went out with here for a while, look i'm going walkabout in a while whats walkabout? going up north then to see Australia, so be here for a while, but will tell you so money mum & dad gave me is not going to last long? so down to the dole help you mate? nah just looking? any jobs as lion tammers? Sorry? well just have a gander, looking then hmm this looks ok for now, yea mate give these a call for us! but there's only one job? i only want one job, BUT you said? forget it yes can he come for an interview tommorrow? sorry looking around for a job tommorow, ok can you come in!! HOW ABOUT NOW? seeing i'm already here and only 10 mins away, oh ok then you might have to wait? boss's out to lunch when's he due back then? in 35 min's ok i'll be there then, but you said 10 min's? well you don't want me to sit around looking at you until your boss comes back do you? I'll just go and have a couple ok? No i think it would be better if you came now? ok i warn you i'll have to look at you ok then? i virtually ran there, i was very surprised at her looks she wasn't " Bo Derck" but also wasn't Ena Sharples either.
so boss came back over an hr later, sorry we didn't have an appointment did we? nah just been down to the dole and saw your job? wanted to sink a few but was talked in to coming here first, but Hmm see you have a couple of SHERBETS yourself? ( as I said Old Michael left behind in England) Sorry about that? thats ok mate like a few myself AFTER WORK!! never while i'm at work? interview done we'll let you know thats ok thanks for your time see yea, hope you get the person you want?, but I said i'd let you know? yea, look mate, i've been to oz before!!! so i'll just go out and apply for another job today it's not too late? see yea? and said see you tonight? how did you go? he said he'd let me know but i want a job today, yea ok I finish at 5,?sorry I havent got a car yet that's ok I've got mine down stairs we can go to the pictures in mine ok but I want to go for a bite first in the pub? oh ok, got down stairs then just about to go back to freo, Mike, Mike, stop that was quick youv'e changed your mind already? no silly why? have you? so whats up? boss said can you come back please ( she told me this job has been advertised for almost two weeks but please don't tell him that?) goes back yea mate just thinking you can have the job? your sure cos i can go out and apply for another one? i've got 2 address to go and see? no,no, that's ok can you start Monday? that's the start of our pay week? Hmm that's almost a week away? nah mate I'll just go and get another job? thanks for the offer? but nah!! see yea, wait hang on? can you wait out there in the reception? I have to make a phone call won't be too long, whats going on? he's ringing up to see if I can start now hahahah he tell you tommorow? ok you buy the first drink if your wrong? ooh ok then but your wrong? look it's 1.30 by the time you start & finish the paper work you can start tommorow at 8 hang on? you mean your giving me the job now but start getting paid from tommorrow? hah I'll come back tommorrow and start getting paid from when I come in? Sorry I meant by the time you start & finish the paperwork it will be home time Sorry you will get paid from today? but I meant you can start at 8 oh thats ok then, hang on a mo, can you take him down to personnel and get them to sign a time card from now? yes boss ok? out of earshot ok smarty pants first drinks on me, see told you he didn't want to lose me and have to wait another 2 weeks? ok here we are see you tonight? yea looking forward to my first drink? finished paper work? what time will I get paid to errr its only 4.35 so you'll get paid 5 ok yea, see yea? 5 came pick you up around the cnr we'll go home first and I'll change yea what into? your cheeky you know.

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